Creating a brand strategy for internal tools at Meta

Brand Strategy & Visual Design



In 2020, I had the opportunity of creating a brand strategy and designing visual assets for the internal tools team at Meta. While I cannot disclose the details of my project, I can say that I partnered with our global brand and creative team to create brand guidelines, presentation templates, and awareness campaigns.

Internal tools holds the infrastructure of how employees at Meta communicate and work together. The internal tools team consisted of product designers, managers, and engineers. My responsibilities varied from being a visual designer to assisting with managing design operations.


Visual Designer (contract)


Nov 2019 - Jun 2020


Brand strategy for 10,000+ employees at Meta

Brand stategy

A fascinating aspect about Meta is that it consists of 500+ teams that run as individual companies. They have their own OKR’s, team strategy, and brand identity. As a result, internal tools wanted their own brand strategy.

Visual assets

I partnered with our global brand team to create presentation templates for internal tools, and visual assets to promote our internal UX summit reaching 1000+ attendees and an increase in awareness of internal tools.


Establishing design processes

I had the liberty of creating processes for creative inquiries. I presented an outline of a branding project timeline from kick-off to ideation to visual identity iteration. This allowed us to create a system to track the status of our ongoing projects.

Design system documentation

In partnership with our senior product designers, I assisted in writing copy for the internal design system specifications and guidelines. Based on each component, we drafted out a list of attributes, usage, and interactions across multiple applications.


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