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Sep 2017 - Dec 2017

A campaign to empower women against street harassment

We deserve is a social cause campaign to empower women against street harassment. Street harassment is a human rights issue because it limits a woman’s ability to be comfortable in public. Growing up in a male dominated society in Sri Lanka, and frustrated from personal experiences, I designed a campaign to demonstrate what women face on a daily basis. The campaign takes a womans voice, communicating her worth to male counterparts who carry out such acts.

View the full pdf of the campaign collateral here.


My goal? To give women the confidence to speak up for their worth.

The campaign is built around different components. The first being awareness which is represented by a series of posters of women confronting their harasser and standing up for what she deserves. A series of eyes follows her silhouette symbolizing the reality that every single woman has experienced harassment. The second series of posters, shows the eyes staring back at the harasser symbolizing the very intimidating and uncomfortable feeling.


Now that our voices are heard, lets make it viral. 

The campaign is built around the hashtag #wedeserve to increase recognition of the campaign on social media platforms and encourage women to share their personal stories. Due to its far reach Instagram was the optimal platform for women to share a personalized message. We aim to give women the courage to speak up, share their stories, their fears and their insecurities.


To sustain the longevity of the campaign, we build a community.

A significant purpose of the campaign was to build a community where women can support each other. Through a website, women can share their personal experiences, seek advice, and  support other women who have experienced sexual harassment.

When women support each other, incredible things happen.