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Design Research & Strategy

Game Design

Logo & Package Design

UX/UI Design


Senior Thesis: Design

Thinking for Social Impact


Illustrator, Photoshop, Sketch, Invision, Zeplin


Aug 2018 - May 2019

Shout Your Worth: Bridging the Gender Wage Gap

Shout Your Worth is a card-based toolkit that teaches players to talk about their accomplishments using the structure of a value statement in a collaborative, game-like setting. As our final thesis at Northeastern University, we set out to combat the wicked problem of the Gender Wage Gap.

This project was done in tandem with Christina Allan, Nick Bond and Marie Yatsk. To document our year-long process of building the toolkit, we created a medium publication. Shout Your Worth is still in progress, with the hopes of launching a Kickstarter campaign to provide the toolkit at your local book stores!

Check out our video on the toolkit and the Shout Your Worth website!


Why the Gender Wage Gap?

Women are paid a percentage of what their male counterparts earn. Broken down, that percentage is about 85% for asian women, 77% for white women, 61% for black women, and 53% for hispanic women. There are a number of factors that contribute to the gender wage gap, one of which is that women tend to negotiate their salary less often than men. The reason being is that women feel a lack of confidence advocating for a higher pay, which can lead them to settle for a lower salary.


The Opportunity

Current solutions have been salary negotiation workshops led by the American Association of Univeristy Women. However, as we conducted in-depth interviews with women who attended these workshops, we found that they often wanted more material to follow up with.


How might we create a chain reaction of education and empowerment by encouraging women to confidently discuss salary, negotiation and resources in a comfortable environment?

Our Solution

We set out to create a solution that would make women feel confident and empowered when advocating for themselves in the workplace. To accomplish this, we created a game-like toolkit that teaches the value statement format for talking about one’s accomplishments. We created a storyboard that best represented the environment in which the game would be played.

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Our Goals

1) Leave users feeling inspired and empowered

2) Foster an environment of inclusivity and collaboration between participants

3) Promote confidence

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Designing the Toolkit

Talking about your professional self can be quite intimidating, hence we wanted our brand to be fun, approachable and enthusiastic. We conducted branding exercises and created moodboards, and landed on a colorful, hand-drawn, scrappy aesthetic. As the graphic designer on the project, I designed all materials for package design, card design, rulebook design and playmat design, and assisted with the marketing website.

You can read about the design process here.


Logo Design

I designed the logotype by experimenting with different typography and eventually landed on our secondary font Avenir. We wanted our logo to be simple to compliment the busy patterns and textures.


Card Designs

Once we landed on a primary color palette of blue, yellow, green and coral pink. I got my inner artist out and started experimenting with different painted textures for the card designs. Our card designs took many experimentation and iterations until the final outcome.  


Rule Book Design

Once card designs were locked down, the rulebook followed similar patterns and typographic elements. To add a fun bonus, I replicated patterns from the packaging to create a banner that read “You’re Worth It!” on the back of the accordion fold.  


Playmat Design

Keeping the user experience in mind, we decided a play-mat was best to give guidance and directions on how to format value statements and direct the game.

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Package Design

The overall box design, replicated patterns and typographic elements from all other materials. Through multiple iterations we landed on a design that allowed the patterns and text to breathe with more white space. I then included all information on the packaging, such as requirements for the game, content for the blurb and a barcode that takes the user to our website!

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In order to make our toolkit accessible, we've created a downloadable pdf of all materials on our website. Check out the Shout Your Worth website for more information!