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Jan 2018 - Jun 2018

Generating Awareness around World AIDS Day

To generate awareness on World Aids Day, our tiny team at (RED) wanted to do something brand new for (RED) – a brand campaign that focused on the people who have supported the fight against AIDS.  We were inspired by a quote from our founder, Bono, who simply said, "If you're a taxpayer, you're an activist."

The campaign features a range of characters who support (RED) products in their day to day. They don't have much in common, but they are all activists in the fight to end AIDS.

The strength of this campaign was its celebration of the simplicity of the (RED) model. When you buy a (RED) product, a portion of the price provides funding for life-saving medication and care for people impacted by HIV in Africa.

Assisting the creative team, I spearheaded our campaign research, drafted out narratives and edited concepts. The campaign ran across USA Today, The New York Times, Times Square and every pro bono digital banner we could our hands on. It had been years since (RED) had done a brand campaign, and the results of this work have inspired a long-term creative strategy for (RED) marketing. For example, this campaign has evolved into a portrait series on socials featuring (RED) activists we encounter at our events and activations.

Communicating (RED)'s Impact in the AIDS Fight

Curious to increase our brand outreach, I identified an area of untapped potential; an infographic to communicate (RED)’s impact in the fight to end AIDS. Collaborating with the impact team, I gathered data from the WHO, UNAIDS and, on the prevalence of women and children impacted by HIV globally and in Sub-Saharan Africa. As the passion project turned into a company-wide impact infographic, with the guidance of our tiny design team, I spearheaded the narrative and visual elements (being mindful of our brand guidelines) to create a story of how AIDS is still a world leading cause of death, despite incredible efforts made during the last 13 years. We’re so close to the end.

The purpose of the infographic is to educate our audience and provide a call to action of joining (RED) in being an activist in the fight to end AIDS.

View the full pdf here.


Designing Brand Collateral

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