Project Type: Brand and Identity Design

Date: Spring 2017

Type: Study Abroad, Melbourne, Australia

Organique is a Melbourne based food truck that provides a healthy alternative from traditional fast food cuisines. The objective is to provide a healthy option for young working professionals and college students who are concious of their diet, that is readily available right around the block. 

Research and Discovery

Inspired by Melbourne’s delicious food and endless choice of cuisines, I chose the category of food and catering. I began my research by gaining an understanding of the culinary industry in Melbourne to find which cuisines were most popular and successful, which then gave me an idea of consumer tastes and preferences. The industry was catered more towards foreign cuisines and restaurants that were most creative in their menu and customer experience. Trying to find a unique opportunity in a very saturated market, I looked into the food truck industry only to find that it was up and coming with huge potential for expansion. Through research and observation, I found that food trucks were usually known for “unhealthy and greasy fast food”.

How might we change the perception that the food truck industry is "unhealthy"?


Ideation Process

After analyzing some of the key demographics in the food truck industry I found that the industry was skewed towards young working professionals. However, the demand for greesy food was quite limiting amongst the age demographic of 22-37, therefore, I performed interviews on a few working professionals to ask them about their ideal diet and lifestyle preferences. To my understanding, consumers in the age group of 22-37 were more concious of their diet and often exercised for 5-8 hours a week. Having an understanding of the audience I wished to cater to, the idea was to create a brand that was fun and quirky to excite consumers about their healthy lifestyle.

Basic RGB

Design Elements

I began my design process by drawing out potential logotypes and getting critique from peers. The first concept resembled more of a plantation shop and second didn't have fonts that matched with each other. Simultaneously, I began sketching out potential brand elements and came to a conclusion of having a simple logotype that would offset the busy background. Presenting the brand design on different elements such has stationary and packaging allowed me to refine the final concept.