Shrines and Temples of Nikko

Project Type: Branding and Identity Design

Course: Design Synthesis

Date: Fall 2018

I had the opportunity of taking a graduate level course to dive deep into the mechanics of creating a brand identity of a UNESCO World Heritage site. Curious to explore a country I've never been to, I chose Shrines and Temples of Nikko in Japan, in the hopes of one day visiting the beautiful land of Japan!

The Design Challenge: To create and implement a full design system for a UNESCO World Heritage Site across all deliverables in order to keep the brand identity coherent throughout all mediums. Deliverables included: logo, brand and identity, business documents, a series of New Yorker ads, 3D site signage, an information booklet and website.

This project was done independently taking into account feedback from Professor Douglass Scott.


The Design Process

I began by researching the environment of Nikko, the surrounding nature of the Temples, the Japanese traditions and reviews on how people felt after visiting Nikko. Through identifying key elements of the Pagoda Temples, I began sketching out the logomark and iterating through constructive feedback. The logotype was inspired by Japanese characters. The best time to visit was in Spring during Cherry Blossom season which inspired by fifth element: the soft cherry blossom.

Design Concept

Through placing the logo and brand elements on different mediums such as business cards, letter heads and New Yorker advertisements, the logo and brand identity constantly evolved until cohesive through all different mediums.