Generative Painter

Course: Programming Basics 

Date: Spring 2017

Software: Processing

Generative Art Painter is an interactive tool that turns any image into digital artwork. As an artist, I was curious to explore how we could animate the simple act of painting an image whilst adding an element of interaction with the user. This was a solo project that was done for my programming basics class with Professor Jose Luis Garcia, who showcased this project at the MIT Media Lab for the Annual Processing Conference in Boston, MA.

The Programming Process

This project began with an extended research phase through which I gathered as much information on how each pixel could read the image that is embedded in the code. This lead to the second element of having each “pixel painter” move at a random velocity. Through multiple iterations I manipulated the code to include a different element each time, such as a monochrome feature. The end goal was to create a generative art painter but with a unique aspect of giving the user the freedom to interact with the animation. 

Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 3.03.24 PM

Generative Painter: Polygon Mode

Generative Painter: Monochrome Mode