UX/ UI Design


Product Design Lead


Sketch, Invision


Aug 2017 - Dec 2017

Esportudo: A sports media app for Latin America

Esportudo is a sports media company aimed at solving the problem of news clutter in the Brazilian sports industry by conglomerating information from several sports networks across the country into one place, along with producing original content to further engage fans. It is a completely customizable platform that was lacking in the Brazilian and South American markets before Esportudo stepped in the solve the problem.

All work in collaboration with Josh Svaboda, Sophia Mouzafarov, Alex Lim and Brian Ruth.

Esportudo is available for download on the app store, or view the invision prototype here!


Research and Discovery

We began our agile process by setting goals for final deliverables with our client. Given that we may not have been the most athletic team, we dived right in to understanding our target audience; their needs and preferences. We narrowed our focus through brand personality surveys, questionnaires and user stories in order to help plan for the features the app may or may not encompass. At the end of this phase, Esportudo was given a creative brief with all of these findings and user stories laid out.

HMW-03 copy

Wireframes and User Journey's

Before creating digital wireframes, we crafted paper wireframes to ensure that all screens were accounted for. This allowed us to adjust to any holes when prototyping. When designing wireframes of the app interface we mapped out the essential screens whilst taking into account unique screens such as the customization feature of the app. 


Adding Visual Design

After brainstorming ideas for the user journey throughout the app, we began our process of designing the user interface for onboarding. We asked ourselves the question of "how might we simplify the onboarding experience by not having too many screens for customization?" The idea being that we wanted to grab as much attention. I then moved on to design some of the key components of the app such as the newsfeed, scores, and standings, being mindful of consistent design principles.


Designing Brand Guidelines

Once the app design was completed, I was also responsible for designing the brand and component guidelines for our Esportudo's newly established brand. I had the opportunity to collaborate with our project lead to put together Esportudo's brand guidelines, where we discussed the usage of the logo, the range of the brand colors and the consistent representation of UI components throughout the app.

guideline_05 copy